Papanicolaou Prize 2017

Papanicolaou Prize 2017

The Papanicolaou Prize competition 2017 took place at the Hellenic Centre on 23 November 2017.

Original research papers in the fields of medicine, biomedical sciences and related areas were presented. Shortlisted candidates gave a 10-minute presentation, followed by a 2-minute discussion.

The presentations were judged by a panel consisting of the President, Past-President and President-elect of the HMS UK, and Prof Michael Koutroumanidis who also gave a stimulating talk with the title “Epilepsy and sleep: an intimate relationship”.

The Papanicolaou Prize Joint Winners 2017 were:

Dr Andreas Hadjinicolaou from the University of Oxford.
Dr Foteini Kalofonou from Imperial College London.

The following researchers received Honorable Mention:

Dr Athanasios Alexandris from Newcaste University.
Dr Constantine Halkias from KSS Deanery.

The HMS UK would like to thank all researchers for their high-quality submissions and participants to the event who made the evening such a stimulating opportunity for exchange of research ideas.

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