Papanikolaou Prize

9th October 2010

prizeYou are invited to participate to the Papanikolaou Prize competition which will take place at the Royal Society Medicine on 9th October 2010 as part of the Symposium Organised by the Hellenic Medical Society to mark the 25th Anniversary of HMS-UK.
Original research papers in the fields of medicine, biomedical sciences or related areas are invited. It is preferable -but not necessary- that the submitted work has not been presented elsewhere.
4 candidates for the Society will participate to the competition.
Who may enter: Candidates must be 38 years or younger and below Consultant or Senior Scientist status, or the equivalent in other areas. They should be members or eligible for membership of the the Hellenic Medical Society, UK.
Closing date for the submission of abstracts of no more than 400 words: 20th September 2010. Candidates will have to give a 10-minute presentation, followed by a 5-minute discussion. Please send your entry or enquiries to:

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