Vasilopita on Saturday 1st of February 2020

Join us for a Greek lunch and a traditional Vasilopita on Saturday 1st of February 2020 at the The Life Goddess restaurant.

Lunch and wine included in the price.

Crèche and children menu available.

A hamper of Greek products will be donated to the winner of the “flouri”!!!!

Starters sharing

  • Pita bread with EVO oregano
  • Roasted feta cheese with honey and sesame
  • Greek zucchini fritters with yogurt spread
  • Greek meze platter

Mains ordered individual 

(please confirm your choice by Thursday 30th of January to:

  • Giouvetsi with orzo pasta king prawns in light tomato sauce and vegetables
  • Grilled octopus with fava from Santorini
  • Vegetarian moussaka
  • Half chicken roasted, country potatoes and salad
  • Lamb shank slow cooked in light tomato sauce with orzo pasta
  • Lamb Kleftiko with baked potatoes, fresh tomato, cheese from Crete
  • Traditional Greek souvlaki, chicken skewer/pork skewer/beef or lamb skewer

Desserts to share:

  • Selection of Greek sweets (karydopitta, portokalopitta, mpaklavas or kantaifi)
  • Vasilopita

+ Wines 


The Life Goddess Store Street, WC1E 7BS

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