Hellenic Psychiatric Association

Preliminary programme

 19th October, 2013

 Hellenic Psychiatric Association (UK division) Annual General Meeting

 1st Annual Joint Academic meeting of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association and the Hellenic Medical Society (UK)

 1st Annual Asclepian (Aesculapian) Oration
by distinguished invited speakers

The Child and Family Practice
8 Ridgmount Street London WC1E 7AA


 Prior registration required (free)
Please email Kay Worlley at Kay_worlley@hotmail.com

 Event 1


 (Members of Hellenic Psychiatric Association (UK) only)

 13.15 – 14.00 Annual General Meeting


Event 2

Questions and Answers on Specialist Training in Psychiatry (open to all interested)

14.00 -15.15 Q&As on psychiatric training and MRCPSYCH examination

(Dr Wendy Burn, Dean Royal College of Psychiatrists attending)

15.15 -15.50 Outcomes in Mental Health

(Dr L. Mynors-Wallis, Registrar Royal College of Psychiatrists)


15.50 -16.30 Coffee break


Event 3

1st Annual Joint Academic Meeting
Hellenic Psychiatric Association and Hellenic Medical Society-UK

On the theme of
Mind and Body

16.30- 17.00 Mind & Body link – the Depression paradigm
(Dr Eleni Palazidou, Academic Secretary, HPA(UK)
17.00 -17.30 Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms, Somatisation and Somatoform      Disorders: What are they? What to tell patients and how?
(Prof George Ikkos, Chair HPA(UK))

17.30 – 18.00 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome –All in the Mind?

Coffee break


 The Asclepian (Aesculapian) Oration

 The Brain, the Mind and the Gut

 (Prof Qasim Aziz, Neurogastroenterologist, Barts&London Medical School, Queen Mary University, London)


(venue to be confirmed)


 After dinner speech (Prof Nikandros Bouras)

 “The Greek medical diaspora in the UK ”

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